• Children will face jealousy, resentment, and sibling rivalry in a remarriage. Living with new step brothers and sisters is difficult. Understand children's feelings and take the time to work through them.


  • You know about another person only what he/she wants you to know, and what he/she will tell you. Once you fall in love with someone, logic, reasoning, and clear thinking will take a backseat. Consider doing these things:



    • Make sure both of you are tested for HIV.


    • If there are any question marks regarding finances in the life of your about-to-be spouse, take the time to run a credit check. The best thing couples can do is to spend time prior to marriage with a financial consultant. If one or both parties are bringing financial obligations into a new marriage, talk about how you will meet these obligations as a couple.


    • If there are any time periods in a person's life that are blank, and he or she can give no explanations, this may be considered a red flag.


    • Premarital counseling is a must before second marriages.

      Jim Smoke is a recognized pioneer in the divorce recovery field and single adult ministry for more than 25 years. He is the author of 14 books, including Growing Through Divorce which has sold more than 500,000 copies. Jim serves as pastor of Adult Ministries at Grace Church in Cypress, Calif.

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