How long have these behaviors been going on?

Do you believe your husband has an addiction? If yes, have you tried AlAnon or Celebrate Recovery? If yes, is it affecting your finances? His health? Your safety? Your sanity?  

Here’s a copy of the power wheel of control & abuse. Looking at it, how many of these issues do you see in your marriage?

Has your husband hurt you or your children physically or sexually? If yes, do you feel unsafe? If yes, do you have a place to stay? If no, do you need help looking for a place?

Would you be comfortable starting a record of what-have-you (names he calls you and how often, how much alcohol he seems to be going through, upsetting behaviors like locking himself in his office for hours then changing all the passwords on his computer, etc.), so we can get an idea of what we’re dealing with?

Listen, I know this is messy. I know both sides need to be taken into account. I know sometimes people lie or their perceptions are skewed.

But I also know this. If a woman is going to her church for help a) you are probably her last resort, no offense, and, b) she is probably only scratching the surface of what’s really going on.  

Please, please. I am literally begging you to do this better. There are too many women languishing in their Christian marriages. We must take this seriously. We must listen. We must believe. We must stand up against abuse and addiction and sin. And we must protect women and children in the name of Jesus.

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Publication date: November 8, 2013