Christian resources for your engagement and newlyweds all free online at! Find Christian based information on situations that arise in any relationship between husband and wife. Learn about how we should treat our spouses according to the word of the Bible and Jesus. Other helpful resource topics include: Christian singles, parenting, finances and debt.

Engagement and Marriage - Christian Couples and Newlyweds Resources

Banish the Honeymoon?

How Do You Leave and Cleave?

  • Dr. Greg & Michael Smalley, M.A. |
  • February 11, 2003 |
  • comments
Prayer: The Secret to a Lasting Marriage

Understanding Personalities Will Help Your Marriage

You and your spouse can either clash or complement each other

Looking For Love

What Does God Say about Love, Romance and Marriage?

Song of Solomon conferences teach Biblical perspective on matters of the heart.

Making Those Early Marriage Adjustments

The Trouble with the "50/50 Plan"

Marriage 101

Languages of Love

Which Language Speaks to You?

Marriage 101

Life's Second Most Important Decision

Sex During Engagement?

Does God view sex between engaged couples and dating couples differently?

How to Have Integrity in Relationships

Many are solving today's dating dilemma with old-fashioned, knights-and-fair-maidens courtship.

  • Dr. Jeff Myers |
  • September 24, 2002 |
  • comments
Marriage - Preparing for Storms

Emotional security is essential for preserving a relationship.

  • Dr. Gary Smalley |
  • September 19, 2002 |
  • comments
Why You Need Romance

What is it about marriage that seems to dull our romantic creativity?

The Key to Intimacy (Part 5 of 5)

To keep love and your marriage alive, keep the criticism out of it.

  • Dr. H. Norman Wright |
  • November 05, 2001 |
  • comments
The Key to Intimacy (Part 4 of 5)

Disagreeing is not the same as quarreling.

  • Dr. H. Norman Wright |
  • October 22, 2001 |
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Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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