Nancie Carmichael met her husband, Bill at Southern California College and they married in 1966. In her early married years, Nancie worked side by side with her husband in pastoral ministry, and then in the writing and publishing realm. Nancie has been involved since 1979 in publishing magazines with her husband, Bill. Nancie is a former editor for Virtue Magazine where for several years she wrote articles, Bible studies, and the "Deeper Life"column for the magazine.

Nancie has written several books with her husband, Bill which include: Lord, Bless My Child (Tyndale, 1995); Lord, Bless This Marriage, (Tyndale, 1999.) Nancie has written several books which include: Your Life, God's Home (Crossway, 1998); Desperate for God: How He Meets Us When We Pray (Crossway, 1999); The Deeper Life, (Tyndale, 1999); Praying for Rain: Surrender & Triumph in Life's Desert Places, (Thomas Nelson, 2001) His Comforting Presence, (Harvest House, 2004); and Selah; Time to Stop, Think, and Step into Your Future, (Baker Books, 2004) .

Bill and Nancie are parents to five children: Jon, married to Brittni; Eric, married to Carly; Chris, married to Jami, Andy and Amy; and grandparents of Will, Kendsy and Cali. Nancie speaks at a variety of women's conferences and retreats throughout the United States and Canada.

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