So what is required of us?  The third step is to believe that God has indeed given us His Holy Spirit and that we therefore have the Spirit’s power to enable us to live godly lives.  On the one hand this will mean that we will look to God and His strength to be more loving, more joyful, and more peaceful.  On the other hand it will mean that we have confidence that God, by His Spirit, can actually help us to become this way!!

Practical Steps

1. Confess any known sin to God; where necessary, confess and repent before others you have sinned against.

2. Let God know that you want your life to be lived completely for Him.

3. Believe that God can strengthen you by His Spirit and give you the power you need to bear the Holy Spirit’s fruit.  Choose one Christian friend and ask him or her to pray for you in specific areas where you know you need more of the Holy Spirit’s fruit.

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