Don was confused at times and a bit leery of the change. "Why do you think I'm wonderful, all of a sudden?" he asked her.

"Because now I see you through God's eyes," she explained. "I see that you are a wonderful man."

Don fell in love with Jona all over again. No, it wasn't a trick - it was a miracle. God has given them a second chance. They were remarried on August 24, 2003. Oh how I love Him…He is the God of second chances.

Dear friends, Jona has so graciously allowed me to tell you her story because she has decided that she will do anything to help one woman not make the same mistakes she has made. She cried and cried all through the recounting of the story, and relived the pain…for you. "God allowed me to go to a terrible place," Jona explained. "My prayer is that others will not have to go to that place before they wake up and realize what they are doing to their men."

And that…is what Dr. Phil did not tell you.

1 Taken from Love Life for Every Married Couple by Dr. Ed Wheat (Grand Rapids: Zondervan 1980) p177.

Originally posted July 6, 2005

 This story was taken from Sharon Jaynes' book, Becoming the Wife of His Dreams. To read more about Don and Jona's miraculous story, visit

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