1. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge you have a problem.
  2. Tell a trustworthy person about your addiction. Then be accountable to that person.
  3. Dispose of all pornographic material you own. Don’t keep any of it. If you’re tempted to rent videos, don’t go news a video store of any kind.
  4. Internet pornography is an insidious threat. Don’t go there. Buy blocking software.
  5. Be patient, and resist feeling defeated each time you fail. Your addiction took time to develop; it will take time to overcome.
  6. Pray about your problem. Rely on God for deliverance and strength. God promises to make a difference in your life. Allow Him to give you the special strength you need to fight this battle and ultimately have the victory.

If your spouse is struggling with an addiction to pornography, but still hasn’t owned up to it, don’t enable his or her behavior. Do what you can to stop the cycle. Make your home safe from pornography. Demand that all questionable magazines and videos be thrown out. Install a filter on your computer that will not allow it to connect to porn sites. Cleanse the house of movies and video games with explicit love scenes. Then, make an appointment for you and your spouse to see a professional biblical counselor. The counselor will help you with problems resulting from your spouse’s sex addiction and will encourage you to keep fighting for your marriage. And of course, keep praying for the situation – for your spouse, for yourself, for your children.

Portions of this article were adapted from "The Great Marriage Q&A Book," Copyright 2006 by Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg, all rights reserved. Published by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.,www.tyndale.com. To order this resource or to find our more about Dr. Gary and Barb – Your Marriage Coaches, visit www.drgaryandbarb.com or call 1-888-608-COACH.

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