Prevent money pressures. Save your marriage the stress that comes from financial difficulties by deciding to stick to a budget on which you both agree and holding each other accountable to it. Ask God to help both you and your husband be content so you can live within your means. If you’re already in debt, consider downsizing your lifestyle so you’ll be free of money pressures can upgrade your marriage.

Remember your husband in the midst of your parenting duties. Don’t let your responsibilities as a mom overwhelm you to the point that you forget to invest in your marriage. Understand that, biblically, your relationship with your husband is even more important than your relationships with your kids. Make a point of helping to meet your husband’s needs each day, even when that means having to say “no” to your kids about some things.

Relate wisely to both of your families of origin. Realize that the way you and your husband relate to each other has been strongly influenced by how you each grew up. Look honestly at each of your families of origin and assess biblically what’s normal and what’s not, and what’s worth bringing into your family and what’s not. Step back from your parents and siblings enough emotionally so you can create a strong bond with your husband. Let go of any bitterness you might have about your relationships with your family members, and count on God’s grace to bring you a better future as you trust Him. Look forward to spending a lifetime with your husband!

Adapted from Loving Your Man Without Losing Your Mind, copyright 2007 by Susie Davis. Published by Regal Books (a division of Gospel Light), Ventura, Ca.,  

Susie Davis is an author and a national speaker. She is the director of Susie Davis Ministries, an event, resource and web-based ministry designed to encourage people to love God, others and self (see Mark 12:30-31). A frequent platform speaker for retreats, conferences and workshops, Susie also team-teaches with her husband, Will, senior pastor at Austin Christian Fellowship. Susie and Will have been married for 22 years, and they have three children: Will III, Emily and Sara. For more information about Susie, visit