Keep investing in your marriage. Realize that you need to invest significant amounts of time and energy into your marriage on a regular basis to keep it going strong in the face of all the demands military life places on it. Be patient when waiting for your spouse to come home from a workday or deployment. Be kind when the frustrations of your lifestyle mount. Don’t envy couples who can see each other more often than you and your spouse. Don’t boast about what you’ve overcome in the past or what you plan for the future. Don’t be rude when you confronted by disappointment. Work diligently to serve others without being self-seeking, trusting that God will meet your needs. Don’t be easily angered when the government’s agenda conflicts with yours; trust God to work it all out. Keep no record of your spouse’s wrongs and always be willing to forgive, with God’s help. Don’t delight in evil but rejoice with the truth, even when the truth is hard to hear. Trust, hope, and persevere as God leads you and your spouse to new adventures together. Remember that love never fails, so count on God’s love for both of you. Make Christ the center of your marriage, making decisions in light of the fact that He is your top priority, and know that everything will fall into place with your marriage as a result.

Help your church start outreach ministries to military families. Pitch in to help organize efforts like: a military spouse support group, fellowship, or Bible study; a foster family program between civilian families and military families; childcare pools; a list of volunteers willing to help with military families with home and car repairs; a parents’ day/night out program; a big brother/big sister type of friendship and mentorship program for kids; and more.

Adapted from Hope for the Home Front: Winning the Emotional and Spiritual Battles of a Military Wife, copyright 2006 by Marshele Carter Waddell.  Published by New Hope Publishers, Birmingham, Al.,

Marshele Carter Waddell is married to LCDR Mark Waddell, US Navy Seal, who for seven years served as an enlisted sailor and since 1989 has served as a commissioned officer. A passionate supporter of his service to the country, she has also experienced the exhausting toll of frequent and lengthy deployments that are common to most military families. Having left a career in journalism, marketing, and public relations, Marshéle’s highest calling and passions have been her marriage, her family, and writing. Together, she and her family have served the United States around the world. She has been a speaker to women’s audiences from Pennsylvania to South Korea. Marshéle is founder of One Hope Ministries. She makes her home in Virginia Beach with the Waddells’ three children, where she writes, speaks, and continues to support her husband’s work for the country.