Say "I believe in you" to your husband.  Men face immense pressures every day, and hearing "I believe in you" gives them the confidence they need to succeed in the face of those huge pressures.  Let your husband know that you believe he has what it takes to be faithful as a father, on the job, dealing with money issues, facing temptations like pornography, and overcoming challenges that could lead some other couples to divorce.  Tell your husband how much you appreciate his willingness to answer God's call to serve others in need, as well as his ability to balance work and family demands.  Discover what dreams your husband would like to pursue.  Then work together to create and implement a plan for making those dreams come true.  Decide to fight for those dreams, working as a team to defend them against all obstacles.

March 9, 2010

Adapted from He Said. She Said.: Eight Powerful Phrases That Will Strengthen Your Marriage, copyright 2010 by Jay Laffoon and Laura Laffoon.  Published by Baker Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group, Grand Rapids, Mich.,

Jay and Laura Laffoon are communicators who have inspired thousands of couples throughout North America with their Celebrate Your Marriage conferences. They are authors of The Spark and Make Love Every Day.  The Laffoons live in Michigan with their son and daughter.