Alcohol was not the only vice in Allan’s life.  While it was never discussed in their home, his bouts with gambling, pornography, and other women, were the unspoken reality.

But something amazing happened as Allan approached forty.  His fourteen-year-old daughter befriended a woman in her neighborhood who introduced her to Jesus Christ.  His teenage daughter fell in love with Jesus.  He wasn’t quite sure what to think about her new found faith. “Oh, it’s a phase,” he told her.  “I’m sure it will pass. Just don’t go overboard.”

Through the years, Allan’s wife, Louise, had become a very bitter woman.  As you can imagine, living with a man with such a reputation was enough to destroy any woman, but for some reason, she never left.  Louise became intrigued with her daughter’s new found faith but had a difficult time trusting in a God who had allowed such heartache in her own life.  Their daughter began to pray for both parents to come to know Christ as their Savior and after two years, it seemed her mom’s cold heart was beginning to melt.

God did answer the young girl’s prayer and her mom accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior.  This is where I want to bring you dear friends.  Yes, God intervened in a young girl’s life.  Yes, He saved her mother as well.  But could God get a hold of Allan’s heart?  A drinker, carouser, womanizer, gambler, just to name a few of his more colorful attributes?  Could God do that?

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