Pray about depression or other negative emotions. Keep negative emotions like depression, anxiety, fear, rejection, and loneliness from harming your marriage so you can enjoy the joyful relationship God wants for you both. Ask God to help you and your spouse: read the Bible daily and incorporate its encouragement and promises into your lives; replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts; seek professional counseling from trusted Christians if necessary; pray often – both to talk to and listen to God; praise and worship God whenever you feel a negative emotion so it will lift off you; and place your hope in God, expecting Him to do wonderful things in each of your lives.

Pray about your children. Protect your marriage relationship from becoming dominated by parenting demands. Realize that, as much as you love your children, you need to make sure your marriage stays a top priority. Pray regularly with your spouse for your children to take the parenting pressures off your marriage and give you both the peace that God is looking out for your children. Ask God to help you and your spouse: agree on how many (if any) children to have, agree on what your children are and aren’t allowed to do, agree on discipline, enjoy time together without the children regularly, stay emotionally connected even during extremely busy seasons, honor your parents and in-laws, avoid blaming each other if something bad happens to one of your children, make a habit of praying for each of your children in specific ways every day, and release your children into God’s hands.

Pray about your finances. Don’t let your finances get out of control, because if they do, the resulting stress can drive a dangerous wedge between you and your spouse. Ask God to help and your spouse: realize that all your wealth (and the ability to earn it) is a gift from Him, trust Him to meet your needs, be completely honest with each other about income and spending, give you the wisdom to make good financial decisions without rushing them, enable you to get out of debt and remain debt-free, live simply and below your means, plan ahead for future expenses, find good work that’s secure, bless your employer so you can be blessed as well, give generously to glorify Him and help other people as He leads you, invest wisely, avoid gambling and other foolish uses of your money, and be content and grateful for whatever you have at any given time.

Pray about addictions or other destructive behaviors. Only God can give you and your spouse the healing, deliverance, and wholeness you need when your marriage is threatened by addictions or other self-destructive behaviors. Ask God to help you and your spouse: come to Him for a fresh filling from the Holy Spirit to empower you each day, crucify your fleshly desires, resist the world’s temptations, choose to live by the Spirit rather than the flesh, open your eyes to the habits you’ve allowed into your lives that have the potential to harm you, bring everything into the open so that nothing is hidden from each other, learn to trust Him to give you peace instead of looking for it in other places (such as through alcohol or drugs) that can’t deliver the peace you need, confess your sins, want to change, break your addictions, and empower you to resist temptation.

Pray about outside influences polluting your sexual relationship. Although the many sexual images and temptations that surround you in our culture may seem harmless, they actually can insidiously harm your marriage by making your spouse seem less attractive and your sexual relationship less enjoyable in comparison. Outside influences will distract you and your spouse from each other more and more over time, and cheapen the sexual relationship that God intended to be meaningful and enjoyable between you. Ask God to help you and your spouse: always put each other first and avoid acting out of selfish disregard for the other, recognize what’s dangerous to your relationship and keep you from anything that would compromise your relationship, keep your hearts from being enticed and drawn away from each other, live in the Spirit so you don’t give into lust, expose your sins so that neither or you can have a secret life, recognize what will lead to temptation for you so that you can take steps to avoid it, purify your desires, and empower you to obey His design for marriage.