Pray about your hearts hardening. Pay attention to what’s going on when you feel so frustrated that you just don’t care about your marriage anymore, and you want to give up. At those times, remember that God has the power to turn your marriage around – no matter how hopeless things might seem. Ask God to help you and your spouse: keep from growing stubborn or rebellious, value the time you have together, take away wrong attitudes like pride or bitterness so you won’t displease Him, soften your hearts toward each other, heal any brokenness in your hearts, and constantly renew your love for Him and each other.

Pray about your priorities. Make your relationship with your spouse your top priority after your relationship with God. Realize that if you neglect to do so, you and your spouse will inevitably drift apart. Arrange your life so that you can devote all the time and energy you need to a close relationship with your spouse. Ask God to help you and your spouse: love each other the way He wants you to, become vessels through which His love flows, establish the right priorities in your marriage and family life and make the daily decisions you need to make to live out those priorities, consider each other’s best interests instead of acting out of selfish ambition or vanity, encourage each other, bear each other’s burdens, set aside time to be together alone regularly, and agree on how to handle especially busy seasons while still treasuring each other.

Pray about protecting your marriage from divorce. Refuse to consider divorce as an option. When you keep your marriage vows, God stands ready to help you in your relationship. Ask God to help you and your spouse: do whatever it takes to get beyond every impasse and solve every problem as they arise, take away any desire in your hearts for divorce, give you an ongoing passion for Him and each other, be affectionate toward each other, honor each other, recognize things you’re saying and doing that are harming your marriage and empower you to stop saying and doing them, learn how to say and do things that enrich your marriage and start saying and doing them, strengthen you as you face challenges together, lead you to outside help (such as from a counselor or pastor) when you need it, be aware of how evil may be influencing your marriage and fight evil, confess your sins to each other and to God, and repent of your sins regularly to stay close to God.

Pray about infidelity. An affair will devastate your marriage by violating the very trust on which your relationship is built. Ask God to help you and your spouse: protect your minds from thinking wrong thoughts that can lead to adultery, recognize and overcome temptation, keep you each away from people with evil intentions, prevent you from becoming deceived, give you wisdom, empower you to live with integrity, and give you contentment and joy in your marriage so you don’t feel any need to look elsewhere.

Pray about separation. A physical separation always starts with an emotional separation. Ask God to help you and your spouse: always maintain an emotionally close relationship, learn to do what pleases each other and not neglect doing so, be kind when you could be stern, be merciful when you could be judgmental, and be forgiving when we could take offense, recognize what is going on emotionally with each other, realize where you’ve become preoccupied with other things and other people – and decide to pay more attention to your marriage, give you wisdom if a separation is necessary to for a season in order to try to work out serious issues (with the goal of reconciling), and keep you each faithful to Him and each other.