Can a one-day conference make a difference for a couple that is really struggling with major issues?

Absolutely.  Sometimes a day from the normal stresses of life, a day just to focus on each other, can help a relationship find its roots.  One of our sessions will deal with forgiveness, another is on resolving conflict and yet another on personal responsibility.  We've found these to be key issues for troubled marriages, which is why they're included in our conference.

Is a marriage conference really beneficial for couples that think their marriage is doing pretty well already?

We plan this conference for relationships that are struggling as well as those that are doing pretty well.  Every marriage has room to grow deeper, room to grow stronger.  Who wouldn't like some advice on increasing intimacy and better understanding one another's love language?  We want to provide couples with tools for making the good times better, but we are also equipping them to survive the storms they may one day face.

How can churches sign up to host the simulcast at their location?

Churches can log on to or they can call 800.772.3836.  We provide a free resource kit to every church that signs up, and we can even help them access satellite service and equipment if needed.  We provide just about everything they need to create a "marriage retreat" in their church building-including a free small group follow-up curriculum called "Solving the Real Love in the Real World Puzzle."  Every local church should consider hosting this simulcast in 2003-it's worth the effort if they can save even one marriage. 

What do you hope couples take away from the conference?

I want couples to leave with renewed hope, a desire to work on their relationship and some tools to help on the journey.  All our work is worthwhile when one marriage is saved

For more information on the 2003 Marriage Conference, visit or call 800.772.3836.

Marriage Conference 2003 - "Real Love in the Real World"
Hosted by The Smalley Relationship Center
Featuring:  Gary Smalley, Beth Moore, Gary L. Chapman, Dennis & Barbara Rainey, Michael Smalley, Kim Boyce, Dennis Swanberg, more
Live Conference:  March 14-15, Tri-Lakes Cathedral, Branson, MO
Satellite Simulcast:  Saturday, March 15, local churches nationwide