This is why we are told in James 4:7 to “submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” It does us no good to resist the devil if we haven’t first submitted to God because the devil is smarter than we are and will beat us every time. But if we have first “come underneath in a safe place” by submitting to God’s will and purpose for our lives, the devil can’t get to us, and so he moves on—at least for a while.

How does that apply to marriage? If husbands and wives have laid aside their “about me” thinking and submitted themselves to God’s will for their relationship, then they have “come underneath” God’s protection and are safe from the enemy’s attacks. They have moved to a “beyond me” mindset and are practicing a “you-first lifestyle,” not only in relation to God but to one another. Though such couples aren’t assured a stress-free or problem-free life, they are assured that God’s Word is true and He will protect them from the one who hates and wishes to destroy the permanence of God’s ordinance of marriage.

When couples choose to move “beyond me” and find that safety and permanence of submitting their marriages to God’s protection and will, the obvious joy and security of those marriages will inspire other couples to turn to God’s Word for the wise counsel and covering they need to ensure a “beyond me” marriage for themselves.

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