"I know I should talk with my wife about spiritual things," a husband said to me, "but when our relationship isn't right in other areas, it feels hypocritical to start talking about God and the Bible."

Spiritual intimacy is crucial if Christian couples are going to experience all the blessings God intends, yet too often it is the one thing Christian marriages lack. In my counseling ministry, I have encountered many couples who separately were experiencing personal spiritual growth but did not have spiritual intimacy -- the closeness that comes when marriage partners share something of their own spiritual pilgrimage with each other.

Spiritual intimacy does not come easily for everyone. Some couples may find it difficult to talk about spiritual things. A partner who feels spiritually inadequate may avoid talking about anything spiritual because he or she is worried about being embarrassed.

What we must remember is that the ground at the cross of Christ is level. Spiritual growth is not knowing more about the Bible; it is becoming more like Christ. We need not apologize for our present state of growth. We must simply be open to allowing Christ to continue to work in our lives.

Spiritual intimacy can begin when we turn to God together, asking Him to help us build total intimacy in our marriage. Here are five practical avenues that, if worked into the fabric of your marriage, will develop spiritual intimacy between you and your mate.

Talk About It

Spiritual intimacy grows stronger when a couple talks and listens during discussions about spiritual matters.

The word is talk, not preach. Talking is sharing what God is doing in your life. Talking is a means of letting another into your heart and relationship with God. You can do that by sharing when God speaks to you through the Scripture or discussing what you found encouraging or insightful in a sermon or book.

When your spouse shares something with you, listen attentively. Be accepting, not condemning. If you feel compelled to share a different interpretation, share it as your interpretation, not the latest word from God. Preaching to your spouse does not enhance spiritual intimacy. Leave room for the Holy Spirit to work in your mate; do not try to do God's work yourself.

And don't think you can share only the areas of spiritual life in which you are becoming more like Christ. Spiritual intimacy does not demand perfection. Ask your spouse to pray for you about some of the ways God is challenging you to become more like Him.

Pray Together

The experience of praying together unites hearts. We feel closer to each other and closer to God. Few spiritual exercises hold as great a potential for spiritual intimacy as praying together.

What's important is seeking God together, not the method of prayer. If you are uncomfortable praying aloud in the presence of another person, then hold hands, close your eyes and pray silently. God hears silent as well as audible prayers. It also is important to pray for each other daily in your personal prayers. Be specific. Pray for the concerns your spouse has shared with you. Try praying Bible prayers for your spouse, especially those that ask God for spiritual wisdom and power, such as Ephesians 1:15-23 or Philippians 1:9-11.

Study the Scriptures

Spiritual intimacy can be greatly enhanced when a married couple is involved in Bible study together or shares with each other the fruit of individual Bible study. As we study the Scriptures, we discover how God views the world and our role in it.

You can begin by sharing one thing that impressed you or one question you have after you each have studied your weekly Bible lesson. Then try reading a devotional book together each day. Eventually you might even enroll together in a discipleship course or Bible study offered by your church and discuss the lessons with each other.