3. A Husband is to Give His Wife Synchronized Affection

The idea here is that a husband ought to take the same care with his wife as he takes with himself. A man who truly loves his wife will “feed” her, which means he will do whatever it takes to bring the nourishment to her that she needs to fully develop. As we’ve mentioned, a man will also “care” for his wife, which indicates he will carry out his responsibility to her with tender love and affection. In other words, he will work as hard to take care of her as he does to take care of himself.

God knew we needed a system to help us practice this “tough on me, tender on you” concept so he gave us the keys in Ephesians 5. This passage models how a husband ought to be tender and lay his life down for his wife and how a wife can be tender by honoring and respecting her husband. Both are tough calls to maintain, but will produce a marriage full of tender moments.  

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