How to deal with all of these is generally where we run into problems. We don't always agree with one another's approaches to these life-changing issues. And this is where we have to ask you to go out on a limb a bit and trust our life experiences. We have walked these paths before, and we have learned a few things along the way.

So talk to us! We might actually be able to help! And since we still believe in miracles, I'll go out on a limb here myself and make a prediction—if you will let us in on how it does feel to be you, you may just find more love, acceptance and helpful guidance than you could have ever imagined. Besides, what have you got to lose?

5. We are not too old to understand love, sex, and temptation. Yes, Virginia, there is Love, Sex, and Temptation after high school and college. In fact, unless you have been hiding under a rock lately, you have seen that the headlines are full of it! (Besides, how do you think you got here?)

Adults and yes, even parents (even your parents) experience deep passion and have our own moral dilemmas. We know the pain of having our hearts broken by someone we loved. We have all made some foolish choices in the name of love. We have all done things that our older, wiser and more mature selves would do differently.

We are regularly tempted to "throw in the towel" and move to Tahiti in pure Gauguin fashion. But we don't. Not because we are not tempted but because we have a greater blessing right under our noses — even if you are currently not speaking to us!

6. We have dreams, too. Inside each of us is a greater version of ourselves trying desperately to get out. Within our collective hearts we are giving birth to the great American novel, creating a work of art that will move millions to tears, building an empire that will change the world and playing the perfect game of golf, basketball, or tennis.

Just because we have become Wives, Husbands, Moms and Dads does not mean our dreams have died. They may have changed, they may even be coming true, or we may have buried them under layers of self-flagellation.

But in the innermost regions of our minds, at the core of our very being -- we dream them. For to stop dreaming is to die ourselves. And if we teach you nothing else in life, please let this one message resonate with you — never stop becoming a better version of yourself. Never give up on your greatest dreams for yourself. Never stop believing that you can do anything you truly love and want. When God puts a dream in your soul, He will also provide the opportunities to make that dream a reality, but only when you are truly ready.

7. We were also misunderstood by our parents. Do you think that you are the only teenager whose parents don't understand them? Au contraire, my usually wise young friend! Your Grandparents didn't understand your parents either.

Or is it possible, (and I am just throwing out a theory here) — is it possible that your parents appear not to understand you when in reality, you aren't sharing your hopes, dreams, innermost thoughts, fears and expectations with them?

Perhaps if you would take a leadership role here and guide your parents to a greater level of understanding, you might actually achieve more respect, independence and control because you will have educated your parents regarding your motivations, your readiness, and your ability to make wise choices. You can actually earn the right to make more decisions for yourself by earning their respect and confidence in you. Try it; you might be pleasantly surprised!

8. We really have gained some wisdom by our life experience. Just like you now know more than you knew when you were younger, we now know a few things that you don't. Life is like that. Experiences teach us, and the more experiences we have, the more we learn from them.