The next week began the same. Grandson and grandfather appeared. The boy was acclimated and happy to be there. Granddad was still in custodial mode: sheltering, shielding, helping. Greg almost had to beg the grandfather to allow the boy to stay by himself. The gentleman conceded and left, attending the service with his wife. Upon returning, he was so grateful, sharing, “This is only the second time in five years that my wife and I have worshiped together.” They have been coming to our church for over a year now. And the church has had the privilege of blessing them with time to sit in God’s house together, knowing everything for their special one is well and cared for.

Many churches now provide classes, activities, outings and other adventures for special people. If you can’t find this in your area, perhaps you could join with others and start one.

Published March 20, 2009

After 30 years of marriage, Mark & Kym Wright now have eight children. She is a national speaker, author and writer. You can visit her website at: Her online publication is The Mother’s Heart magazine, for wives and mothers with hearts in their homes.

*Written with input from Greg McDougall who heads up the Through the Roof ministry at Woodside Bible church in Troy, Mi. Through the Roof seeks to minister to people with disabilities and their families. He is the president of MIJOB, a job placement service for people with disabilities. In addition, Greg serves on the board of directors for Outreach for Christ to Nursing Homes, Hurdling Handicaps and the south east Michigan chapter of Joni and Friends.