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Raising an Average Jane or Joe

Our culture advocates strong parental involvement in pushing our children to ever-greater heights of success. However, by the law of averages, not every child will achieve greatness — but that doesn’t mean every child is destined to live an unsuccessful life.

  • Sarah Hamaker, Contributor |
  • March 21, 2012 |
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Why You Should Empower Your Teen

While there may be rare moments when we have to grab the wheel from our kids, it’s important that we begin letting go when kids reach the teen years.

  • Mark Gregston, Heartlight Ministries |
  • March 19, 2012 |
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Successful Stepfamilies Require More Than Luck

It takes time to create a stepfamily that is genuinely working together and has high prospects of success.

  • Gil and Brenda Stuart, Restored & Remarried |
  • March 16, 2012 |
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How to Become a Confident Mom

God – who created you and your children – knows that you have what it takes to be just the kind of mom your children need.

Don't Parent in Isolation

I used to be the kind of mom that felt threatened when others offered help or advice -- as if I weren’t a good enough mother in my own right.

Parenting the Abnormal Child

I remember staring at a bunch of kids practicing soccer at the playground and wondering, in a PTSD stupor after a particularly traumatizing outburst by my child, what it would be like to have normal kids?

  • Wendy Horger Alsup |
  • March 12, 2012 |
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The Construction of a Great Dad

No matter what level of building skills you have, there’s one building project that you can’t afford to ignore.

Awesome Austin: Trusting God When Faced with a Family Crisis

Austin was just 8 weeks old and had just gotten a preliminary diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis.

Confessions of a Child-Dragging Church-Goer

If I’m being completely honest, I’ll admit that having children is, more often than not, the only reason I’m in church.

How Would You Grade Yourself? Creating a Lasting Legacy

If you want to leave an enduring legacy, grade the life you’re currently building in these areas: influence, affluence and obedience.

  • Kerry and Chris Shook |
  • March 06, 2012 |
  • comments
Unfriended! Parenting in a Social Media World

There are numerous ways parents can regain lost ground in this new era of communication. Let me highlight some opportunities, as well as responsibilities, parents need to seize in order to establish healthy habits in the home...

  • Catherine Hickem, L.C.S.W. |
  • March 05, 2012 |
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Moments for Mom: Teaching Kids to Love in Difficult Situations

Our current lesson: how to love and respect someone you don’t trust. Talk about a sticky wicket.

Parenting the Sensitive Soul

In order to parent a sensitive soul well, you have to understand what moves his heart.

  • Ricky Chelette, Baptist Press |
  • March 01, 2012 |
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Fostering and Adoption: How to Decide if You Should Do It

"How did you make the decision to do this?" This is the question I hear the most from people when they find out we foster kids. Most of the time, it is well-meaning people who are agonizing whether or not fostering/adoption is for them.

Sometimes, I Could Do With A Time Out Myself

As moms, we start out the day with the best intentions. So then what happens?

  • Dr. Ann @ Coaching with Dr. Ann |
  • February 27, 2012 |
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Coming to America

Why are a rapidly growing number of Chinese parents sending their children to Christian high schools in the United States?

  • Angela Lu and Mary Jackson |
  • February 24, 2012 |
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The Impact of a Home Filled with Kindness

What is the essence of our home?

My Journey From M.D. to Motherhood

Have you ever struggled to decide between career or kids? Here's my story.

  • Dr. Ann @ Coaching with Dr. Ann |
  • February 22, 2012 |
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Help Your Kids Put Faith into Action

Your kids need you to help them make faith their own and live it out fully. God wants your kids to move beyond believing to putting their faith in action. Here's how you can help your kids put faith into action...

Building Sons Into Men

[M]en are an endangered species. I really believe that. Over the past 15 years, I have been working directly and indirectly with college students. Almost 10 years ago I noticed a trend that -- at the time -- was alarming. That alarm has now been going off non-top since, and I'm finally seeing it come to fruition.

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