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Mother's Day: What’s a Stepmom to Do?

One of the reasons Mother's Day can evoke so much emotion is because many stepmoms feel as though they have all of the pain, frustrations, financial strain, and difficulty of being a parent, but none of the rewards or joy. Here are some ways husbands can take the lead to make Mother's Day a special day for their wives.

Kyrgyzstan's Revolution Leaves Growing Orphans in Limbo

The Kyrgyzstan revolution has thrown families in America in limbo as they wait to finalize their adoptions. If their children reach age 16 before the adoptions are finalized, it may be too late.

Moms: Should You Find a Mentor for Your Daughter?

It takes a choir surrounding a soloist to really highlight her voice; in the same way, loving adults surrounding your daughter will make her life sing...

Hope for Parenting the "Me" Generation

The big question is this: How do parents establish their position of authority, while also maintaining their relationship with their teen?

The Death of Conscience

When a young child's sensibilities are constantly violated, and he begins to ignore the natural pangs of guilt after yielding to cultural pressures, he can end up being miserable, and begins to develop a hard heart and weak spirit.

Should We Ever Spank our Children?

A study by researchers at Tulane University that indicates spanking children leads to more aggressive behavior.

Expert John Rosemond Urges a Return to Common Sense Parenting

John Rosemond, author of nearly a dozen books on parenting, calls on today's parents to return to the parenting principles of an earlier generation.

Love is a Choice: The Realities of Adoption

Nothing could have prepared me for the challenges I faced after bringing 2-year-old Jenny home from Russia. "Can't you send her back?" a well-meaning friend suggested...

Do Adopted Children Have More Problems?

The world is an uproar over an adoptive family in Tennessee who put their 7-year-old boy on an unaccompanied one-way flight back to Russia. It is good to understand the issues that surround adoption because understanding brings a family to a different response, a calmer approach to handling conflict...

Pray for Russia's Orphans

Every time I see what is going on in Russia, with the government calling for an immediate halt on American adoptions, I think about the orphanage where I first met my two oldest sons. Before my mind's eye are the faces of the children we couldn't adopt...

Phoebe Prince, South Hadley, and the Fruit of Sin

The bullying endured by a South Hadley teenager who subsequently killed herself shocked the nation. It shouldn’t have.

Parenting Super Hero or Not?

Counter to what some people might think, I find that the most irresponsible teens come from the most responsible parents...

Teaching Our Special Treasures to Cook

With a brother just seven months older, our adopted special son is well aware that there are so many things he is just not capable of at this point in his life. So, our family tries to help him learn how to do not only the things he needs to do but the things he desires to do.

Parent with the Real World in Mind

There's no magic formula you can use to make sure that your kids fare well in this fallen world. What matters most is for your kids to see you living for Jesus in a real way.

Boy Scouts of America: Still America's Best

Battling a culture that devalues civility in general and purposefully attacks tradition makes it seem impossible to teach our sons how to be gentlemen. Where can a parent go for help?

What Are Your Kids Thinking?

The other night while putting my eleven-year-old man-of-few-words to bed, I asked him, "How's your life going, bud?" What followed was an eye-opening conversation...

  • Elisabeth K. Corcoran |
  • April 02, 2010 |
  • comments
Are You a Worrier?

Tell me you can’t relate to this scenario. You talk to a woman who is in the middle of a trial. She testifies to God’s overwhelming and sustaining grace. But instead of praising God for His evident faithfulness, you begin to imagine yourself enduring her ordeal...

  • Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre |
  • April 01, 2010 |
  • comments
Holy Week: Should Your Family Participate in a Passion Play?

The memories of participating in a Passion Play at our church has left a deep imprint on not only my life but also the life of my oldest daughter...

15 Ways to Observe Holy Week with Your Family

How can you honor this special time with your entire family? Barbara Curtis, mom of 12, offers some traditions...

How to Build a Healthy Relationship with Your Teen

Do you want to become your child's best friend? Of course you do! Unfortunately, prioritizing friendship over parental authority will actually weaken your relationship with your teen. Here's how you can strike a balance.

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