In his experience over the past four years, Heath has come to realize that there is a huge need for chaplaincy in schools, because a school counselor can only go so far when there is a child or family in need of serious help. Currently, Heath and his team of twelve are getting CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management)-certified so schools can identify KFCUSA as an authorized contact in the event of a student or family crisis. "I've learned that we would be better received by schools if we were seen more as an asset and not a liability," Heath said.

Beyond Tulsa, Heath has been traveling throughout the United States, speaking to churches and recruiting parent sponsors for new KFCUSA clubs. Heath shared, "The last two times I presented [to churches], I saw an average of four new parent sponsors from each congregation." Heath then goes back to these churches to train the members and help them kick off their new program. (Really, it's a lot like the way the apostle Paul operated.) He stays in touch with these "plants" and they remain accountable through the common curriculum and vision of the program. Heath believes that the church members and parents who commit to working with him are a result of much prayer, and of God personally speaking to them.

If you'd like to get involved with KFCUSA, contact Bob at 918/902-2442 or at He travels a lot, so be persistent.