Be Wise Counsel to Her.  There are so many new decisions that single mothers need to make, often in areas they are unfamiliar with such as insurance, career, finances, etc.  Making daily decisions without the sounding board and prayer of another mature Christian is a very difficult task.  Single moms are often second-guessing the decisions they make when it comes to their children. Having a strong Christian mentor who has a sound mind and knows the Word of God well can help her feel more assured of making the best decisions for her family.

Share A Meal Together.  What better way to share fellowship and make her family feel special than to break bread together?  Invite them over to your home for a meal, or ask them out to a restaurant and pick up the tab for them.  If you have the time, you could bring a meal over to her home once a week allowing her a weekly break in the kitchen and more quality, stress-free, loving time with her children.  What could be better in life than that?

For additional suggestions and gift ideas, Hope and Help for the Single Mom has several CD packages to select from that offer meaningful messages, helpful advice and loving encouragement for every single mom. To inquire about and order the CD packages, call 1-888-430-HOPE, or visit the website at:

Lori Little, A Woman By Design ministry's founder, is the former Director of John C. Maxwell's THRiVE!, Becoming A Woman Of Influence. A major focus of Lori's ministry is the Hope and Help for the Single Mom initiative. Lori is very pleased to be a new contributor to Crosswalk and will be publishing articles regularly in the Parenting and Family sections of the site. Also watch for Lori's book Hope and Help for the Single Mom, by Waterbrook Press, in 2005.