Let’s say you’ve got this filter on your computer, and so if your child, let’s say you have a 14 year old son and he wants to type in the word breast, but that filter is on there and he can’t type in that word breast, then all he has to do is go to a place like one of the translator sites, find out what the word breast is in French, type in the word breast in French, and he’s in like flint. 


J:  Oh….!


EME:  See, because they recognize the English words, but not necessarily other languages.  The other problem is that you’ve got this filter up there but your 16 year old daughter is doing a research paper on breast cancer.  Now, see, she’s going to have difficulty getting into those sites.


EME:  They’re not a hundred percent.  They are only as good as you want them to be.  The greatest weapon you have when it comes to Internet porn is putting the computer in an open space and being honest with your children.  Say to them, “If you ever come up on a site by accident, just come to me.  Let’s talk about it.”  If it leaves a sight, a visual in your mind that you can’t deal with, come to me and we’ll talk about it.  I’m an adult and I will talk to you like an adult.  That’s the other thing.  Talk to these children.  Talk to them.  Don’t lecture them.  Don’t interrogate them.  I’m a real live human being.  Don’t forget that we’re all just sexual beings.  We are, we’re sexual beings.  We are created that way so that there will be people in the world.  Because if not, there wouldn’t be.


J:  That seems to be my theme of the day…[inaudible].


EME:  In teaching them to that if they don’t learn to beat this fire when they are younger.  I can remember thinking when I was this young girl that once I get married I’ll be okay.  Once I get married I will no longer have to deal with temptation.  And that’s not true.  If you learn to conquer it when you are younger you have a higher chance of conquering it when you are older.