I guess if we got disgruntled enough from lack of appreciation, we could start a Mommy Power movement (the same seeds of discontent that began the feminist movement – only in a direction away from motherhood).  We could have bumper stickers that say: If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy

We could sue people who put us down at parties and maybe even get a special mention as a protected minority not to be discriminated against.

But that wouldn’t be very mommy-like, would it?  Because there’s something about mommies that should be soft where others are hard, kind where others are cruel, patient where others can’t wait.  We may not start out that way at all, but there’s absolutely nothing like motherhood to change anything about us that needs to be changed.

At least, that’s how it’s been on my motherhood journey. I set out to make a home, to grow a family, and to help my children reach their potential.

The most amazing thing is that while I was helping them reach theirs, God was helping me reach mine.

Be sure to hug a mother today!  

Barbara Curtis has 12 children - including three adopted sons with Down syndrome - and 10 grandchildren so far. She is  also an award-winning author with nine books and 800+ articles in print publications including Focus on the Family, Guideposts, Christian Parenting Today, and The Washington Times.

Barbara is a popular speaker at MOPS and women's events, as well as writers' conferences.  Online you can find her at MommyLife and Mommy, Teach Me!