"Lust is craving sexually what God has forbidden. One of the motives behind modesty is to cover your body in such a way so that others are not tempted to want what isn't theirs," Harris said.

"So immodesty is basically using lust to market yourself, in a sense," Harris added. "The enemy is not our sexuality. It's lust. .... We can give thanks for our sexuality."

"It is the precious gift God has given to women to woo their husbands and create romance. Men in the Victorian era didn't write love notes, sing serenades and court young women because it was more fun than the casual sex movement of today. They did it because the virtue and modesty of the women required men to earn their hearts!" Gresh explained.

"So modesty for Christians, shouldn't be primarily about style or fashion or even just the standards of people around them. It should start with a desire to be holy -- to be set apart for God, for His glory," Harris said.

"Holiness is the seed from which modesty grows," Gresh explained. "Without planting that seed we're just hitting kids over the head with rules. We [Pure Freedom] love to teach them why God desires holiness and purity. Out of that a passion for modesty and discretion is natural."

So who is this new Miss Modesty? She should be a young girl whose outward appearance mirrors the inward desires of her heart, as she glides with elegance down the hallways of schools, aisles of churches, and avenues of life.

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Rebecca Grace
, a regular contributor to AgapePress, is a staff writer for AFA Journal, a monthly publication of the American Family Association. This article appeared in the September 2004 issue.