Recently, we asked Crosswalk readers to share their favorite Thanksgiving traditions and what makes this time of year so special for their families.  If you're looking for some ideas of your own or if you're just in need of some inspiring traditions that will touch your heart, we invite you to take a few minutes to read through the following traditions.

My son started a Thanksgiving tradition of his own when he was about 9 yrs. old.  He has a piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast on that day.  He says he never can wait until after dinner, and then he's too full to enjoy it as much!
– Barbara F.
Glencoe, Okla.

On Thanksgiving Day, we always get together with either my folks or my husband's.  We alternate each year.  We always have a big turkey, filling, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables & pumpkin pie. When we get together with my folks, we also have mince meat pie.  When our oldest child's birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day, as it does this year, we have birthday cake sometime throughout the day.
– Janet W.
East Berlin, Pa.

Our favorite tradition is the nature walk we go on after dinner.  We live in Arizona, so the weather is usually cooperative.  We walk down to the river and through the hills for several miles, appreciating the beauty of God's creation and enjoying the conversation and time spent together.  We don't have a "favorite" recipe.  We like to try new variations on the traditional turkey and dressing as well as new sides and of course, pies, which we eat after the walk.  But we all agree that we must have turkey!
– Cindy B.

When our kids were younger, we read Peter Marshall's "The Light and the Glory."  We were especially moved by the story of the pilgrims during that terrible winter when they were rationed only five kernels of corn to eat each day.  On that first Thanksgiving feast, after they had been so blessed by an abundant harvest, they put on each of their plates five kernels of corn as a reminder of God's blessings on them.  Since reading this story, we have adopted the same tradition, and on each person's plate we put five kernels of corn (the candy type) to remind ourselves of how God has provided so many blessings for us as well.
– Chris O.
Lake Orion, Mich.

Our favorite Thanksgiving family tradition is the time spent together after dinner playing games. The day after we have "after day", do crafts all day and eat leftovers. Watch Christmas movies like "White Christmas", "It's a Wonderful Life", "Miracle on 34th Street", "Scrooge", etc.
– Toni S.
Evanston, Wyo.

After we were married and having kids of our own, it seemed that both our families were either growing so much or moving so far away it was becoming impossible to get together.  We all then decided to just get together with the families once a year during the Christmas holidays.  Then our parents would take turns coming to each of their children's homes on Thanksgiving, taking turns with each child's family for a particular year.  Then we realized that we wanted to continue to share our Thanksgiving seasons with someone (or several someones as it has turned out), on the years that our parents weren't with us.  Then, both my parents and my husband's father, after much illness went to be with the Lord, and my husband's mom prefers to go to his sister's each year since she lives so far away and can't see her but that one time during the year.  Then, my best friend's parents also passed and she being single with no family within the state we started inviting anyone that seems to just need to be with someone.  It has become a regular thing for my best friend to be here each year. but we have invited neighbors who were by themselves and no family around, our kids' friends and families, and invited those who may not want to come for the big meal but come for the fun afterwards.