Because the Savior of mankind was to be born of a virgin.

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will be with child and will give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel. -- Isaiah 7:14

One of the first things Joseph had to do, in order to fulfill the Father's plan of salvation for mankind, was to put his feelings, his desires, his flesh aside.
Dads Today

How often do you put your needs...your wants...your flesh on hold? 

Personal story: as long as I can remember my husband has wanted a particular sports car. It's a classic, it's collectable, but it's not necessary to sustaining life or maintaining a home. It certainly was not needed in the raising of children.

As a young man he could have afforded it, but he became a father at 19.  For the next 30 years he would think about that car, talk about that car, buy magazines about that car, and dream at night about that car. But he would not own one. Instead, he would support his children, taking care of their needs-and sometimes their selfish wants-because that is what God has called fathers to do. Eventually he would purchase the car of his dreams, but not until we were empty nesters.

Fathers, as you pray today, ask our heavenly Father if you might have put your "wants" above what God has desired for your children.  Ask Him to show you how you can put His plan for their lives above your plans for your life. Know this:  Joseph's foster son changed the history of mankind in THE most powerful way ever.  But so, too, shall your children.  They won't save the world from sin, no.  But they will make their mark on history. HOW is largely up to you.

You want to watch your favorite adult drama.  They want to watch cartoons.

You want to take a nap. They want you to play catch...or "house."

You're wishing you could skip church "just this once."  They are "raring to go" hear all about Jesus!

You want to build that workroom behind the house or buy that car you've been hoping for since you were 16.  They want to go to college.

But remember, you are building young men and women of God. What they one day will sacrifice for the world will begin with what you sacrifice for them.


Eva Marie Everson is the author of Shadow of Dreams & Summon the Shadows and an award-winning national speaker. She can be contacted for comments or for speaking engagement bookings at Bridegroomsbride@aol.com or you can go to her website here.



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