Have you ever noticed that at many universities and colleges the most prominent building on campus is characterized by several large pillars? Pillars have come to be universally recognized not just as a symbol for the U.S. Supreme Court building but as a symbol of higher education. These massive pillars represent strength, support, and longevity. For college students these pillars promise a better future through education, maturation, and preparation.

At a University of Instruction a student gains an education in various academic fields, grows in maturity from boy to man or from girl to woman, and gets prepared for a career and life as an adult. Fundamentally, these are the three Pillars of Promise that college offers.

Unfortunately, though, the collegiate Pillars of Promise are often perverted and replaced by something completely different. Instead of achieving the promise of a better future as a result of gaining an education, growing in maturation, and getting career preparation, students get distracted and sidetracked by three other pillars that also represent college life but result in a worse future. Choosing and succumbing to these pillars causes a University of Instruction to turn into a University of Destruction.

What are these pillars? Not the Pillars of Promise, they are the Pillars of Peril.

The Pillars of Peril are summed up in a very familiar triad: Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n' Roll. Every sinful temptation you will ever face in college falls into one of these three categories. Let's find out how.


The first Pillar of Peril is Sex. Sexual sin comes in many varieties -- premarital sex, lust, pornography (Internet, movies, magazines), oral sex, homosexuality, adultery, masturbation, strip clubs, sensual dancing and dress, lewd jokes, rape, orgies, fantasies, sexual harassment, incest, bigamy, bestiality, and sexual content in movies, commercials, and television. Did I miss any?

All of these are just different forms of sexual sin. They are perversions of God's design for sex.

If the Tempter can't get you with one of them, he'll try another.

Drugs and Alcohol

The second Pillar of Peril is Drugs and Alcohol. The use of drugs and alcohol causes the mind and spirit to be altered. And there are many different ways for this to be accomplished -- beer, wine, hard liquor, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack, pills, methamphetamine, ecstasy, pain or sleeping medications, GHB (a date rape drug), and even glue sniffing. Once again, there are many different options, but they all fall under the same category and do the same thing -- they alter your mental and spiritual state.

If the Tempter can't get you with this one, he'll try another.

Rock 'n' Roll

The third Pillar of Peril is "Rock 'n' Roll." Notice the quotation marks -- I'm not speaking musically here, but rather about what rock 'n' roll has historically represented -- rebellion against authority (especially God's) and rejection of the Bible. Whenever God's authority is rejected, even slightly, man and his own flawed reasoning reign -- this is what is called humanism. The third Pillar of Peril would more accurately be named humanism, which is the direct result of rebellion 'n' rejection of God and His Word.

This pillar has a broad reach because it encapsulates every type of thought and action that rebels against God and rejects the Bible. It could be one of the many godless, man-centered philosophies promoted by teachers at secular (non-religious) colleges such as post-modernism, hedonism, evolution, atheism, or nihilism. This is secular humanism.

Or it could be any of the many man-devised biblical errors that you will encounter at a liberal Christian college, such as: The Bible is not the basis for truth and has many inaccuracies and discrepancies; Jesus is not the sinless Son of God and is not the only way to eternal life in heaven; and all religions -- Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, New Age, Wicca, etc.-- are equal. This is religious humanism.