• Find a family church. Miss Debbie taught our children throughout the elementary years. They looked forward to her warm hug and happy face each Sunday. Beyond those years, youth group leaders invested in their lives and made the difference in whether or not they’d drag themselves out of bed and drive the distance to church.

• Keep a journal for perspective. As adults, there are times when we can see what God is doing in our children’s lives, and remember it better than they can.

• Sign up for service together. When children see the needs of others, they grow in their understanding of how Jesus meets their own needs. Allowing a child to help another person leaves a lasting impact.

• Build meaning into the holidays and holy days. I fully enjoy the secular celebrations attached to many of our holy days. They’re fun. But without the meaning underlying such memorials, the days and nights are throwaway fun. Take the time to underline God’s gift of his Son, Jesus, with a Jesus birthday celebration and a manger display at Christmas.

Children often begin their faith experience as tiny twinkles with sincere commitments to Jesus. As influencers, we can light the way home for them. I can help my children know the Jesus I know. As they grow, their faith must grow in the process of giving more of what they know about themselves to more of what they know about Jesus.

Elisa Morgan is president and CEO of MOPS International, Inc. (www.MOPS.org), based in Denver, Colorado, which provides resources and encouragement to moms of young children. Her daily radio program, MOMSense, is broadcast on more than 750 outlets nationwide. A nationally known speaker, Morgan is the author of The Orchard, Mom to Mom, Meditations for Mothers, and Naked Fruit , editor of Mom's Devotional Bible and Mom, You Make a Difference, and coauthor of What Every Child Needs, What Every Mom Needs, Children Change a Marriage, Make Room for Daddy and Real Moms. Elisa's newest book, Twinkle: Sharing Your Faith One Light at a Time, released in December 2005, encourages readers to share their faith in simple and everyday ways. Elisa and her husband, Evan, live with their family in Centennial, Colorado.