Why? He works for those who wait for him (Isaiah 64:4). He will solve the problem. He will rescue the family. He will take care of the little ones. He will meet your needs. Fear not believing that. Then your children will have a refuge. They will have a Daddy who "has strong confidence" - not in himself, but in the promises of God, which he trembles not to trust.

Learning to fear the Lord for the sake of my children,
Pastor John

Raising Children Who Hope in the Triumph of God (Audio CD Set): The most important school a child should ever attend is the home. The most influential theological teachers he should ever have are Mom and Dad. And the unifying theme in the curriculum of this school is God — who is the beginning and the goal of all education. The family is a school for instruction, a boot camp for training young soldiers of Christ, a fortress for protection, a hospital for healing, and a launching pad for missionary zeal. In this series, John Piper seeks to help equip families — and churches — to raise children who hope in the triumph of God. (8 Messages - 5 Discs) - Order at the Desiring God online store.

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