God answers prayer.

Then, Brock was named MVP, mission conference player of the year. From there, Brock faced a challenge. We submitted Brock’s profile to all the Div 1 and Div 1A A schools, but being a 6’ quarterback meant he needed a miracle to get a scholarship despite his record-breaking throwing abilities. In addition, Bill had experienced some health issues and was in a career transition, so we too needed that miracle scholarship.

One night, God woke me up with this impression: “Send Brock’s resume to Liberty University tonight.” The very next day, Liberty’s coach phoned Brock’s coach. We had never seen him so excited as when he signed that Letter of Intent.

God answers prayer!

The answered prayers do not just pertain to athletic accomplishments or even Brock’s personal faith. Since Brock’s birth, we  have continued to pray for his future bride. When Brock had been a Liberty student just a few days, I did a book signing for Amazing Grace Christian Bookstore in Phoenix, AZ. While there, I struck up a conversation with the bookstore owner and his wife, Sheryl. We chatted about our kids, until she asked, “Where did you say Brock got his scholarship?”

“He’s the quarterback of Liberty University.”

“My Hannah goes to Liberty!”

We gave the kids each other’s phone numbers, and our two strong-willed, firstborn kids decided to go on a date! After eighteen months of dating and a week immersed in prayer, Brock took Hannah on a tour of their relationship. They had not even kissed yet to safeguard their purity.

At the place they first met, Brock gave Hannah nails. At the place they first talked seriously, he gave her a hammer. At the place they first prayed, he gave her a piece of wood. And at the home she was living in with friends, he gave her a second piece of wood which they hammered together to form a cross.

Then, he knelt on one knee next to the cross and said, “I want our relationship to start at the foot of the cross. Hannah will you marry me? Hannah, can I kiss you? ”

On July 25, 2005, Brock and Hannah tied the knot and became husband and wife.

Today Brock is a football coach, equipping young men with life skills and faith. He is happily married to Hannah and the proud dad of our first granddaughter, Eden.

Yes, God answers prayer, and now the prayers for our grandchild have begun.

Praying for your child

We tell you the story of Brock not to brag but to give you tangible encouragement that God does indeed hear the prayers of parents for their children – not just our prayers, but all parents’ prayers.

Did we do anything special in praying for Brock? Not really; we just tried to follow 1 Thessalonians, to “pray without ceasing.” Prayer, after all, is simply talking to God, having an open line of communication with Him. And when words fail us, when our children break out hearts or our fears get the best of us, we can pray as Jesus taught his disciples to pray, with the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-15) and allow the Spirit to intercede on our behalf (Romans 8:26).

So, how about we commit 2009 as a year of prayer for our children? You might be amazed at how God works in their lives!

Pam Farrel is mom to three, and wife to Bill. Together they have penned over 27 books including: 10 Best Decisions a Parent Can Make. Pam also co-authored Got Teens? with Hearts at Home Founder, Jill Savage. Pam offers many free relationship resources for marriage and family at www.farrelcommunications.com. Bill and Pam will be featured in an interview on Focus on the Family Jan 6 and 7.