Cameron Winn loved Eeyore. Winnie the Pooh's sad sack  little donkey friend was just about the best thing in the world to this cute little boy who was so full of life. We first met Cameron when he was in the hospital. He had taken ill near to the time he was to begin the transplant process. His mother, Emily, and I had corresponded by email and we were in Fort Worth for Loren's checkup. 


I walked into the room and very clumsily introduced myself. After finally explaining who I was, Emily and her mother introduced me to one of the biggest one-year-olds I ever knew. He may have been younger than Loren, but he was a strong, stocky little kid. It was a joy holding him. It didn't take long for him and Loren to become friends and no wonder. Both children have something about them that just naturally makes you want to be with them.


Not long after that, the Winn's plans were changed when the donor became ill. They continued to search for a donor and wait at the Ronald McDonald house. 


We visited again in June 2001 and it was such a joy to watch the children play. Cameron performed many tricks, including falling off a rocking horse. As hard as he fell, I expected a lot of crying, but the little guy just got up and kept on going. He was a ball of energy. 


Cameron's mother, Emily, tells the story on his website of when he tried to put the tape in the VCR. He was putting it in backwards and it just wouldn't go. Emily told him to turn the tape around and try again. Cameron dutifully turned himself around full circle and then tried to put the still backward the tape in again. It still didn't work.


Kim, I and my children did not know when we left him that day that we wouldn't see him again in this life.


Just like Loren, Cameron was in Fort Worth for a BMT for Hurler Syndrome. Tragically, after the transplant he suffered a massive heart attack and 16 days after receiving what we hoped was his life giving transfusion of marrow, Cameron lay in his mother's arms and returned to Jesus.


Once again, a beautiful child was taken from the world. In general, children are wonderful gifts of God, but children with terminal diseases just seem to radiate love and gratitude for every little thing.


Jesus tells us to let our light shine so others may see it and these children are experts at following the Lord's wishes. 


We were all heartbroken at losing Cameron, but of course no one felt the loss more keenly than Emily, Allyson and his grandparents.  As Emily tells it, her first natural reaction was to ask, "Why God, why would you take this baby?! He is too young to die, he shouldn't have died! Why God?  After all we had to do to get here, why would you let him die?!"