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Parenting Kids and Children - Resources for Raising Christian Family

Are You Hyper-Parenting?

For some of us, parenting has become America's most competitive adult sport. How can we steer clear of the hyper-parenting trap?

Hoop Dreams: The Blessing of Children with Special Needs

Max and his peers matter, not because of what they can do—much less do for us—but because of the fact they are.

Do Your Kids Read Enough?

Young people today would sooner watch a DVD than read a book. Librarians and secular educators have ample reason for concern, but Christians must look at this reality with an even greater concern.

  • R. Albert Mohler, Jr. |
  • May 04, 2007 |
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Don't Do It, Dad: Three Parenting No-No's

Parenting expert Dr. John King shares three common parenting mistakes you don't want to make...

Chameleon Parenting: Adapt to Your Child's Unique Design

My three younger children are teaching me some new mothering lessons -- one being the need to invest in their interests even when I don't share those interests.

10 Tips for the Working Mom

Boy, did I ever open up the floodgates last month when I asked for your advice on being a working mom! Here are words of wisdom from your fellow readers...

  • Elisabeth K. Corcoran |
  • April 02, 2007 |
  • comments
Daddy-Daughter Dance

What did Jesus mean when he said we must become like little children? Some of the coldest-hearted people I know have their facts about God down cold; yet I cannot picture them dancing with their daughters.

"Just" a Homemaker?

We know that being the homemaker is not all roses and rainbows or June Cleaver doing her housework in a perfectly pleated dress, pearls, make-up and hair. But what we do counts for far more than the "image" that the power suits imply...

Girls Excel, But Boys Need Nurture, Too

Five Things Every Son Needs from His Dad

  • Ken R. Canfield , Ph.D. |
  • December 13, 2006 |
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Do You Love Your Kids Too Much?

Spanking: Godly Discipline or Outdated Cruelty?

  • Rev. Mark H. Creech |
  • November 29, 2006 |
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School Shootings Signal Need for Dads' Involvment

  • Jim Brown and Jenni Parker |
  • November 22, 2006 |
  • comments
The ADHD Advantage?

  • Paul Meier, M.D. |
  • October 05, 2006 |
  • comments
Adoption, Suffering and Birthday Grace

  • Russell D. Moore |
  • September 15, 2006 |
  • comments
Raise Your Children Well in a Dangerous World

  • Whitney Hopler |
  • September 08, 2006 |
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