(1) Belt of Truth

Buckle that belt tightly around your child’s waist. Jesus is the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the truth! Teach them early to love the Bible, God’s truthful Word.

(2) Breastplate of Righteousness

Pray early on (even before a child is born) that your children’s hearts will be protected by right standing with God. Pray they will choose to follow Jesus at a young age, so their hearts will be covered with God’s “righteousness.”

(3) Shoes of Peace

Choose well-fitting shoes that run well, ready with the gospel of peace to share with others.

(4) Shield of Faith

Give them the shield of faith, an unwavering trust in the name and power of Jesus, to equip them for times of difficulty and temptation.

(5) Helmet of Salvation

Your child’s mind is where their hardest battles will be fought. Pray they wear the helmet of salvation at all times to keep their thoughts pure and clear. Remind them often of Whose they are–God’s child.

(6) Sword of the Spirit

The Sword of the Spirit is the Word of God. I’ve mentioned it earlier, but without this article of clothing, our kids are at great risk for false teaching and deception. Teach them to hide God’s Word in their hearts, so it will become permanent clothing and protection at all times. His Word is not a weapon for you to beat over their heads. Used accurately, it is the key to right relationship and fellowship with both a loving God and with others.

(7) Prayer in the Spirit

Pray that your children will live in a constant relationship of communion with the God who loves them far more than you ever could.

If you’re a parent, be encouraged! There are no perfect parents or perfect children. And only God gives perfect gifts. But we serve a loving, forgiving God. He loves our children far more than we ever could. And He is always ready to help!

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Publication date: December 14, 2012


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