“Hey mom!” My children greeted my return after a few hours out. “We’re watching Dinosaur Train.” Let it be noted, we do not regularly watch Dinosaur Train. Having never seen the program before, I was skeptical about the science taught in the cartoon. I hypothesized the worldview of the producers of the show would be naturalistic and teach that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

As I greeted the babysitter and asked how the children behaved themselves, I heard the cartoon explain, “This dinosaur lived during the Mesozoic Period.” Ding, ding, ding, my guess was correct; this show was teaching evolution, likely from a naturalistic standpoint. At the very least this was communicating a worldview and philosophy in direct conflict with the Christian Theistic worldview I aim to instill and live out before my kids. With the same scientific data, creationist and evolutionist arrive at two different conclusions. It is my job as their mother to draw these differences to their attention.

After the babysitter left I told the kids, “Dinosaur Train talked about the Mesozoic Period. That is a reference to the Geologic Column” (Read about the Geologic Column here; especially points 7-10).

We grabbed my iPad, and I typed in Mesozoic Period and Geological Chart. After spellcheck corrected my spelling, several pictures appeared in the image column (See pictures here).

I continued explaining, “Evolutionists believe that the earth is very old. Scientists [a few from the 1800’s] created the Geologic Column to provide a framework to support their naturalistic worldview. The naturalist worldview holds that life on earth is a result of a primordial soup [a mixture of various amino acids] which made [proteins which combined into] organisms that evolved into animals and then man. If you look at this column here, it shows that dinosaurs were around before flowering plants. When were the plants created according to the Bible?”

Emily looked uncertain as she said, “Day 6?” “Well,” not knowing the exact day myself, I replied, “it was within the first six days of creation and before the animals. So we know that God created the flowers before he created the dinosaurs. This chart doesn’t make sense does it?”

My above explanation may seem like circular reasoning, but it actually is based on research that I have read over the last two years. One of the first books I tackled, following an offhand suggestion from a friend, was Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. In the book, Nancy gives a thorough explanation of the Christian Worldview and its instruction to our children in all areas of academic, emotional, and physical life. She gives special attention to debunking Darwinism.

“Under the guise of teaching science, a philosophical battle is being waged. And if Christians do not frame the philosophical issues, someone else will do it—and they will not balk at preaching their message even to small children” (Pearcey, Total Truth, p. 158).

It is important for women to recognize and identify the different worldviews on display in the arts, entertainment, and in literature so that we raise a generation of young people equipped to identify the underlying philosophies and adequately decipher the truth from a lie. Further, that our children would be able to defend the Truth in the process.