Pearcey also emphasizes that in addition to developing a Christian heart, “Training young people to develop a Christian mind is no longer an option; it is part of their necessary survival equipment” (p. 19).

Your worldview is the lens through which you see all of life. It is a person’s philosophical standpoint that directs their decision making and is centered on their belief system concerning the origin and purpose of man, and all his interactions and pursuits from birth to the afterlife.

Once you learn a bit about worldview you will begin evaluating TV shows, news correspondents, and books to see what worldview they are operating from. For example, my favorite TV show is Castle. On more than one occasion, Rick Castle has said, “It’s obvious the universe wants …” Castle is a naturalist that believes the universe sends messages to the evolved man.

Additionally, last week the kids were watching a cartoon version of Jack London’s, White Fang. The main dog character kept referring to man as “the white man animal.” While the perspective of a dog might warrant such a statement, it seemed more probable that the underlying meaning is we are all animals inside. A quick internet search revealed that Jack London was an avowed atheist, further that he believed once we die we lose life and consciousness.

Perhaps you may look at my plea to learn about science and worldviews as “that is for the super Christians” or “smart people.” That is what I thought just over seven years ago. However, I encourage you to remember God has called us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. (Emphasis mine, Luke 10:27. No matter of science, philosophy, or theology is above the common man of diligent study. Time sharpening our ability to defend our faith and know God’s creation more is indeed time well spent. Praise Him He didn’t give up on me when I put off this area of further study for years!

In conclusion, it is impossible and unhealthy to shield our children from differing worldviews within every context of our culture. Rather, we should aim to fully embed the knowledge of a Christian worldview both via the heart and mind and then provide the awareness of media and literature which operate from differing worldviews. Further, we need to expose the philosophies behind evolutionary scientific teachings and provide good creation science data to equip them to know God more and to make Him known.

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Publication date: November 1, 2013