He had demonstrated a talent for acting and was so impressive in a featured role, the youth theater group’s director at our church cast him the following year as “Harry McAfee” in Bye Bye Birdie. On the first night of the production, I was getting ready for intermission refreshments in the back of the auditorium. I’ll never forget the roar of the crowd every time my son appeared on stage. He had them captivated! Even the kids who teased and taunted him when he was younger, were crying because they were laughing so hard. Such a triumphant moment.

My son is a gift from God. Staying focused, having faith that I’ll be given the answers I need to help him, and then finding opportunities where he can shine have been my most successful parenting techniques, hands down. These and unconditional love are continuing to carry him even now as an adult.

Jodi Murphy has been a freelance marketing specialist for the last 25+, a journalist in the design/luxury lifestyle industry, and co-founder of Nesting Newbies. However, her most important role and her life’s passion is being a mom! She founded Geek Club Books to share her son’s life on the Autism spectrum in a positive and entertaining way. Her focus is on building a community of spectrum and neurotypicals who are engaged with and inspired by the Geek Club Books’ message of self-acceptance—“I’m unique. I’m a geek.” Jodi writes original content on the blog, and, with the help of her talented kids and top-notch creative team, she produces audio stories, e-books, and interactive storybook APPs. Find out more about The Mighty League, their new storybook app at geekclubbooks.com.

Publication date: January 24, 2014