7. Support the leadership of our country. I've pointed to the flags at half-mast and explained the significance of that to my children. When President Bush called Americans to a national day of prayer and remembrance on Friday, September 14, all four of us knelt at the couch before school that morning and prayed for our nation's security, families who were sad, and for wisdom for our president.

My four-year-old Judah shared her child like wisdom as we watched on television the prayer and remembrance service at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. The choir was singing and NBC showed shots of the rescue workers digging thru the white ash remains at the WTC tower under the rainy gray sky. Judah asked, "Mommy, is Jesus bigger than buildings and the sky?" "Yes, Honey." "Is Jesus bigger than people?" "Yes, Judah, Jesus is bigger than people - even bad people." Simple reasoning from a little child -- I'm sure God smiled.

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