(to Brenda, Kurt's wife) - What's your involvement with the Good Sports Gang project?


Brenda Warner:  Well, in the first video, my involvement was basically watching the kids while Kurt went to work. I wasn't too involved in the first part of it, other than reading the script and feeling like this would be a good script and making small changes that I felt we might need-just my opinion in some of them. But then we have bigger ideas on what's ahead. I hope to do a different video with our smaller kids and maybe use the mother aspect, and I'll have a bigger part in that. (to Kurt) - Will each video have a God's playbook segment?


Kurt Warner:  The Coach's Corner? Yes, definitely. That was something that we kind of brought to the table and we thought would be a neat opportunity to go beyond the animation and the story lines to really talk about-even if it's a couple of minutes and it's simplified-what God's Word says about a certain issue. It really was the most important thing out of the whole video.


You get the chance to kind of hit home right at the end in two or three minutes with one of the characters. That's one of our favorite parts, because that's really what shares the deeper message of the whole video. And hopefully seeing that last, that's what they'll take from it and say, "Hey, it says this in the Bible and this is what God feels about me."


Learn more about the Good Sports Gang by visiting  A portion of the project's proceeds will benefit Kurt Warner's  First Things First Foundation.