When we go grocery shopping, Sheela practices her cane travel. The aisles are an incentive and a curiosity. There are so many, many smells, sounds and textures. I wish we had a candid camera to capture the facial expressions of different people as they turn the corner almost running over a tiny, obviously blind, Indian girl with a cane making her way around the store! When we practice, we don't call to her. We act normal. It is up to her to follow us.

Parenting a special needs child is a challenge. Parenting many normal children can be a challenge too! It is true that our visions and dreams for our children may differ from the parent raising a child without a disability. A common denominator for all of us is the hope that our children achieve the best they can be. We as parents go to great lengths to see that they can.

As the Lord has worked in our hearts, healing some, and helping us to grow immensely in other areas, we have actually learned to enjoy this challenge. The challenge I am referring to is that of living with and raising a special needs child. It is true that we have worries that may not ever occur to a parent training a child without a disability. However, the joys of simple accomplishments are much more acute. The joy and celebration when Jordan took his first step at age 3 was quite a scene!

One of the most important things we as a family have learned, is to rely on our Lord Jesus Christ in every step of our lives. We rest and trust in His will for us, whatever that may bring. It is actually relaxing to let Him be in control. It takes all the question and stress off of us! We firmly believe that if we are willing to do whatever He asks, He will open and close doors for us. We just need to be willing to obey! We can honestly say He has never failed to work the events in our lives for our best interest.


Contact Christian Homes and Special Kids (CHASK) for resources on adoption and raising children with special needs at www.chask.org or 208-267-6246.