Making the Easter Story Come Alive

After discussing the money bag, we move through the group and discuss the rest of the Easter items in the girls' hands. We walk through the Easter story as if we were there. Having tangible items to hold on to, the girls listen intently, while I explain the symbolic meanings of each item. (You can read the story of Jesus' betrayel, death, and resurrection in the Gospel of Mark, Mark 14:12.)

The lesson ends with the stone, a symbol of Christ's triumphant love displayed by his empty tomb.

Learning Forgiveness

The Easter story of betrayal, death, and new life is perfect not only to communicate God's eternal and unconditional love for us, but also for illustrating our relationships with one another. Sometimes we let things get blown out of proportion in friendships, and then we find ourselves experiencing betrayal and disloyalty.

I encourage the girls to learn to choose the godly route of forgiveness. To remember the bad feeling of betrayal, but to also know the beautiful impacting lesson of forgiveness. While it may be difficult to forgive those who have hurt us, Jesus offers us the grace needed to love those who have betrayed us if we choose to go this route. Forgiveness doesn't make the past ago away, but it brings new life in sometimes unexpected ways!

Originally published April 8, 2009.

Sandy Coughlin is a mom to 3 teens, wife to one awesome man, and author of The Reluctant Entertainer. She loves to cook and entertain in her home, and look for creative ways to give to those around her. Check out her popular Reluctant Entertainer blog.