Thankfully, Quinn's surgery was successful, her tumor benign, and God's answer to our prayers was clear: we started a foundation to support research of pediatric brain tumors.

A mother's life is filled with challenges, some small and some, like Quinn's diagnosis, almost insurmountable. The days are filled with laughter and crying - sometimes at the same time.  It is our challenge, and our gift, to let our callings as mothers touch our souls.

This Christmas Eve, in the silence of the night, I'll again thank God for my abundant blessings:  the health of my children, the love of my husband, family and many friends. And when the light is shining on the manger, I'll thank Mary for showing me, through her own Christmas love story, the depth and strength of a mother's love. 

Originally posted in December 2008.

Jeannine Norris is the author of Tonight You Are My Baby: Mary's Christmas Gift (HarperCollins Children's Publishers).  A portion of the book proceeds are donated to At Least Kids ( ), a foundation to support pediatric brain tumor research.   Jeannine's website is

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