Participating in MotherWise has been a significant blessing, Moore said. "I had never studied the Bible before I was in MW [MotherWise] and I had never prayed aloud. I'm so thankful the Lord has taught me how to do these things because it is such a blessing to learn more about Him through His word and to pray for others. I don't know where I'd be right now without MW and what God has done in my life through it, but I know I wouldn't have the happiness and fulfillment I now have."

Griner has been meeting with other moms through a MotherWise group for nearly three years, and "we were, and still are accountable to each other," she said. When she first heard about MotherWise, Griner recalled, she decided to attend a conference simply to spend a fun weekend with three close friends "to get away and do a little shopping."  However, she recalled, "Little did we know that God had other plans for us. After hearing Denise teach on being a godly wife and mom and the Holy Spirit really working on my heart I realized that I needed to make some changes and MotherWise seemed to be the jumping-off point. We came home and started MotherWise at our church. Almost three years later God has worked miracles through MotherWise and has changed numerous marriages and families through these Bible studies."

Participating in the group has greatly enriched her prayer life, said Griner. "Probably most significantly, MotherWise taught me the importance of prayer and how to pray with and for other women. As I have stayed on my knees God has opened doors for me left and right to share my faith, encourage others in their walk, and to serve Him."

Glenn said she hopes that all mothers - no matter how many children they have, or how old those children are - feel welcome at MotherWise. "Every child is different, every situation is different, but God wants to speak to everyone. God has been extravagant in how He has poured out His heart for this ministry."


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