Darrell, who founded First Nations Ministry, reaches out by hosting activities for the youth in his community. Fish camp is an example. Christian men, some of who are expert fishermen, take the kids away for the weekend, teach them to fish, and spend lots of time sitting around the fire "just talking."

Darrell intends to launch a unique Christian school through First Nation's Ministry -- one that both embraces the Ojibwe heritage and exalts Jesus. He believes his community will benefit. "Training our youth in the ways of the Lord will have a positive impact. From these kids will come leaders who can address the unique concerns of the Native American with the wisdom of God. It is a longer route, a slower route, but a better route."

The school's design will include a home schooling component. "As much as possible kids need to learn about God and life from their parents," says Darrell. "Parenting is a tough job, no matter what culture you are in. Spiritual teaching is even more complicated for the Native American." Darrell wants to help Native American parents by teaching them how to apply Biblical principles to their heritage and share this application with their children. The school will offer a two-year discipleship course for parents to aid them.

Darrell encourages the church body across America to reach out to families and look for ways to support parents and kids. He sets the example by spending time with fatherless kids, praying for the hurting, and encouraging parents in their often overwhelming needs.

"The tragedies at Columbine and Red Lake are a symptom of a generation who needs their parents," commented Darrell. "Let's help the parents. Let's be there for the kids."

To support the youth of the Red Lake Reservation, you may donate to the First Nations Ministries. Contact Darrell Auginash at darrella@paulbunyan.net, call him at 218-586-3334, or write First Nations Ministries, 11559 Sandpiper Rd NE, Bemidji, Mn 56601. For a more detailed look at the Red Lake tragedy and its comparisons to Columbine, visit Torchgrab ministries at http://www.torchgrab.org/redlake.htm.

A mother of four, Paula Moldenhauer writes from her home in Colorado. Her website, www.soulscents.us offers a free weekly devotional as well as Christian book reviews, home schooling hints, and a parenting page. You can contact Paula at Paula@soulscents.us

 *Above photo of Darrell Auginash reprinted with permission:  Livingstonesnews.com (May 2005).