3.   Nighttime feeding: Having been through the infant stage many times before, I knew the nighttime feeding was the hardest one on me. I’m one of those people who wake up fully when I see light, and don’t get back to sleep easily. So, after discussion, my husband and I decided to have him feed the baby a bottle of my milk at night – or we would opt for formula. Since he stays up later than I do, he would feed the newborn between 10 and 11, which would give me until the next feeding to sleep. It seemed like the ideal solution to help me be a more rested and well mommy. This worked well for us.

Some final hints from years of experience: Have your hair cut or styled right before the baby is born, in an easy-care style. This helps you feel pretty and gives you a semblance of looking together after the baby comes. And have a professional pedicure sometime during the last month of your pregnancy. It will bring you great joy on those rare occasions you do see your toes peeking out from under your belly. And after the baby is born, it will remind you that underneath all this intense time of mothering, there is still a beautiful woman.

Kym Wright has been married to her college sweetheart for 27 years, and they have 8 children and love living in the Metro Atlanta area. Together they publish The Mother’s Heart magazine, a premium online publication for mothers with hearts in their homes. Visit their website at: www.The-Mothers-Heart.com If she has any spare time, Kym gardens with the children, and is an avid bread baker. Quilting is done in her dreams, along with painting, singing, and many more activities she would love to pursue.