This begins by making sure that this is in fact happening in your personal life as a parent first. Remember, more is "caught that taught."

3. Help Your Teen Develop a Biblical Worldview. With relative truth and values clarification permeating our culture, it’s important for you and your teen to have a Biblical worldview. You could say it is a kind of filter through which you see and live your life.

An easy place to start, when discussing a situation or life issue, is to ask them – "What would Jesus want us to do?" If they’re not sure, encourage them to explore God’s Word for answers. The best thing for you to do is to do this with them. As they search the Bible for direction, they are forming a solid Biblical basis for their thoughts, words and actions.

4. Celebrate Your Teen’s Uniqueness. Our culture is into competition and comparisons in a huge way. There’s tremendous emphasis placed on appearance and performance. Our teens live in a world where there are no absolutes. It’s a world that rewards the prettiest, the strongest, the smartest, and the wealthiest. As your teen competes with a host of others for recognition, Satan loves to take advantage of their sense of inadequacy, disappointment and failure by tempting them to find acceptance and fulfillment in the wrong place. A spiritually healthy home is one where individual differences in appearance, ability and performance are celebrated rather than being a source for divisiveness.

5. Maintain an Environment of Love and Forgiveness. Everyone needs to know that they are loved and accepted – especially a teen. The love you convey to your child must be unconditional. Forgiveness is a significant element of unconditional love. You may discipline your teen for something they’ve done, but in the process they need to know that you forgive them for their misbehavior or irresponsibility. (Colossians 3:13 NLT). Unforgiveness is one of Satan’s most effective weapons in our lives.

6. Make Prayer a Priority. It’s been said that Satan believes in prayer, not because he practices it, but because he suffers from it. We need to help our teens recognize the incredible resource for resisting that is available to them in prayer.

Steve Russo is the author of ten books and numerous magazine articles. He is also the featured speaker on the music video TV show "24/SEVEN," host of the daily radio feature "Real Answers," and cohost of Focus on the Family's weekly teen talk radio show "Life on the Edge Live!" Steve makes his home in Southern California. For more information on Protecting Your Teen from Today's Witchcraft: A Parent's Guide to Confronting Wicca and the Occult click here.