We have been really excited because we have had some ideas … that we feel like are the next step, especially based on the feedback we have been getting from the book where young people are saying, "Alright, I am fired up to do hard things. Here are the things I have already started doing, but I don't really feel like I have my holy ambition."  Or "I found my holy ambition, but I don't have the resources, I don't have the connections, I don't know how to actually start."

So, we are planning on putting together a new event that would essentially answer that question and would provide for that need. We would move into the role of facilitating young people who have a vision, who have a passion -- connecting them with the mentors, connecting them with the spiritual and financial venture capitalists, and then just sharing tons and tons of holy ambitions with the ever-growing audience of young people who are looking for holy ambitions to get excited about.  A brief description of the event would be 3 days, 50 speakers, 18 minutes each to give the talk of their lives to 500 of the most dedicated young people in the country.  Each talk would be professionally captured on video, uploaded to a state-of-the art website, and made available for free downloading. 

CW:  Thanks for taking the time to chat. Is there anything else you would like to add for our readers? 

BH:  I think just what you already mentioned … that we're normal. We feel like the worst thing that could happen would be for people to view us or any of the other young people whose stories we share as different -- and that is the natural response, to say, "Oh, they are different. Therefore, I don't have to learn from them. It's just a neat story." Make sure that whatever comes out of this interview is really emphasizing God's ability to use the most unlikely heroes. That is what He did all throughout the Bible, whether it is David, whether it is Mary, the mother of Jesus, whether it is the prophet Jeremiah, the least of Jesse's sons. 

You can visit Brett and Alex's blog and get more information on their conferences and book at www.therebelution.com.

 *Lead photo: Brett is sitting on the left, Alex on the right.