As Close As You Can Come to Safety.

If you are proactive enough to enter into discussions with your child about sexting, and are willing to set specific and clear expectations about sexting behaviors, then the likelihood of keeping your son or daughter safe from the consequences of involvement in sexting goes way up. In a technological culture without a lot of guarantees, this might come as close to safety as you can reasonably hope.

Published April 13, 2009.

Jim Liebelt is a 20+ year youth ministry veteran and is the Senior Editor of Publications for HomeWord, including oversight of the "Good Advice Parent Newsletter," Today’s HomeWord daily devotional, and HomeWord’s Culture Brief. Jim is also a presenter for HomeWord's parent seminar, "Building Healthy Morals and Values." Jim joined the HomeWord staff in 1998, and has served over the years in various pastoral ministries, as a youth ministry and parenting seminar speaker, an adjunct youth ministry instructor at Gordon College, a national presenter for Group Magazine Live, and has served on the council of the New England Network of Youth Ministries.