Feminists seeking sexual freedom reaped a whirlwind. But, a modesty movement began to arise within feminism in the late 1990s. Wendy Shalit wrote an important book, A Return to Modesty: Rediscovering a Lost Virtue, in which she criticizes "cultural arbiters who associate maturity with sexual adventurousness." But, she writes, "deep down, most Americans know that modesty is a sign of self worth."

Perhaps a sense of "self worth" will protect our daughters from getting involved in the sexual behaviors that will only harm them. Young women whose morals are grounded in their faith have the tools to remain pure in an increasingly impure world. It would be nice if they could get a little more support from the culture.

Penna Dexter is a board of trustee member with the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, a conservative activist and an announcer on the syndicated radio program "Life on the Line" (information available at www.lifeontheline.com). She currently serves as a consultant for KMA Direct Communications in Plano, Texas, and as a co-host of "Jerry Johnson Live," a production of Criswell Communications. She formerly was a co-host of Marlin Maddoux's "Point of View" syndicated radio program.

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